Thursday, December 6, 2007

The "V" word

Probably no other "curse word" deserves more careful explanation on its proper use in Mexico at risk of really getting a newcomer in to serious trouble best characterized by room-wide silent awkwardness. 

In short, this word is not a toy, this word is...

la "verga

lah pherrga

baby-maker, bell on a pole, bishop, bratwurst, cock, custard launcher, dick, dickie, ding dong mcdork, dong, donger, dork, dragon, fang, ferret, fire hose, heat-seeking moisture missile, hose, Jimmy, John, John Thomas (dated), joystick, knob, leaky hose, lingam, little Bob, little Elvis, longfellow, love muscle, manhood, meat popsicle, member, middle stump, mushroom head, mutton, old boy, old fellow, old man, one-eyed snake, one-eyed trouser-snake (Australia, UK), one-eyed monster, pecker, peepee (children's term), Percy, peter, piss weasle, prick, private part, purple-helmeted warrior of love, purple-headed yogurt flinger, rod, roundhead, sausage, schlong, schmuck, shmuck (Yiddish), schwanz, schwarz, short arm, skin flute, tassle, third leg, thumper, todger (Australia, UK), tonk, tool, trouser snake, tubesteak, wang, wang dudle, wick, willy (children's term), yingyang, yogurt gun, 

As it is usual in mexican slang, the meaning of "verga" is equivocal as it is contextually driven. It could mean either superlative or unspeakable. In either end, the use of this word always upholds its totemic connotation hinting a juggernaut regardless of its direction. As shown in the next example, the difference between be and to be is not negligible.

  1. Ese güey es una verga: That dude is an ace.
  2. Ese güey está de la verga: That dude sucks (utterly in a very unpleasant fashion. i.e. superlative unspeakability or incomptence)
  3. Me lleva la verga: I'm fucked, or pissed to the extreme
  4. Me vale verga: I could give a shit
  5. Mamando verga: be absent minded (smoking pole)
  6. Pasado de verga: abusive
  7. A pan y verga: Surviving on bread and johnson. (i.e. under harsh or taxing conditions, specially if you run out of bread).
It can also convey utter surprise or disbelief
8.  Verga: Fuck!
9. Verga el putazo: What a crash (as in a car crash)
10. La veeerga!: expression of disbelief.
11. Pura verga: Bullshit!


This word is reserved almost exclusively for guy talk within close ties. Few women, specially older relatives would not react with disgust when exposed to any of its many colorful uses. 

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