Wednesday, December 12, 2007


lit. A cook's sidekick

At the top of the most used (if not abused) handy-words in colloquial Spanish, pinche is an all-purpose derogatory adjective denoting the poor quality of things or people who simply don't make the cut. 

By leisurely placing it before a noun, effective use of pinche  is synonymous of no regard for the insignificant nothingness of possessions or attributes of someone or something. Pinche can also be effectively deployed to assert utter ugliness, discomfort or amplified sadness, boredom and other vexing situations. 

  1. Cuelga ese pinche teléfono: Hang up that damn phone
  2. No tengo un pinche baro: I don't have a motherfucking dime
  3. Pinche Pablo, esta re pinche tu coche: Fucking Pablo, your car is fucking ugly
  4. Eres un pinche pendejo: You are not any pendejo, but a laughable one.
  5. Senti super pinche cuando me despidieron por culpa de ese pinche mamón: I felt like crap when they fired me because of that fucking snob.
Etiquette: Avoid using it as a stand alone insult.  It is safe to place it before any noun whenever in a situation of despair, familiarity, drunkenness, or whenever you feel like showing your disregard for something.

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  1. Pinche Shaggy, me parece excelente la explicación. No entiendo la ilustración, además de que está medio pinche.