Friday, December 14, 2007


[Cautionary note] While in Spain polla (pohja, lit. female chick) is the equivalent of verga (see the entry "V" word), in Mexico City polla is a drink served in the morning at dodgy street stands (along with jugos and licuados). It's made with jerez (sherry), milk and two egg yolks. Though no unambiguous medical evidence has been brought to public light, this drink is claimed to be a remedy for mild to miserable hangovers. Avoid the word polla when swearing, or people will think you're some sort of speech-challenged gachupín (Spaniard).

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    Polla is also widespread known for "pot" just like in a poker game.

    Todos ponemos 20 varos y el que gane se lleva la polla. (We all chip in 20 pesos and whoever wins takes the pot).