Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Cæ vrohn

lit. Male goat 

Effective use of cabrón starts with a correct pronounciation. Cabrón does not rhyme with own, but rather with an emphatic ON. Kah br ON. Also avoid at all cost rolling your r´s.

Now, cabrón will provide you a precise meaning in a wide variety of situations. All of them rooted in the primitive notion of a dominant (alpha) male goat, undisputedly el "más cabrón" of the heard. 

  1. Ese güey está cabrón: That dude has some skill
  2. El güey está cabronsísimo: He is unchallenged
  3. Ese güey es un cabrón con su esposa: He is abusive with his wife
  4. Ese cabrón está re güey: That dude is retarded
  5. El concierto va a estar cabronsísimo: The concert is going to be awesome
  6. ¿Quieres ir al concierto? cabrón!: Wanna go to the concert? you bet (like a mother)!
  7. Chinga tu madre cabrón: Fuck your mother, fucker!
  8. El examen estuvo cabrón: The exam was very difficult
  9. No seas cabrón!: Really? (if used by a heartbroken princess could mean: do not leave me)
  10. Qué pedo cabrón: Wanna fight?
Etiquette: Reserved for guy-talk, or in strict confidence with women. However, a socially accepted for is the insinuation of the word used at the end of every fucking sentence while with your buddies. "oye c'on (Kah(n)), yo creo que va a estar cabronsísimo el concierto c'on" ("hey dude, I bet´ya the concert is gonna freaking rock dude")  Si c'on (no doubt dude).


No matter what you do, cabrón should not be used on a stand alone basis to get back at someone, that is, using it like an insult on its own. Doing so will not make you look tough. On the opposite, you will look like a stupid newcomer gringo who has seen too many Cheech & Chon films, thus incapable of standing his ground. Or worse, like an old lady at the market who has been holding back on swearing for a decade an loses it when she thinks the butcher is cheating on the scale or on his wife. 


  1. Why wouldn't it be pronounced as any other 'o' in Spanish, like the 'o' in 'phone'? Is it something specific to 'cabrón?.

    Hi Pablo!! How are the twins? They're probably in high school now. Time flies, does it not?