Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Padre vs Padrote

In contrast with mothers, references to fathers in D.F.'s slang are for practical purposes nonexistent. There are two expressions that are related to father but only etimologically: padre and padrote.

When something is said to be padre (lit. father) it means that it is cool or nice. It is also used in the expression ¡qué padre! It is rather a childish word and must be avoided by any respectable effective swearer.

When something is said to be padrote (lit. big father) it means that is pimp-like, and therefore extremely trendy and appealing. When a guy is said to be padrote, it means that such person concentrates enough power and style to get, often in the speakers imagination only, as many women as he wants.

Note: in some circles (which I would never be part of) padre is substituted by cura (lit. priest). Using it would make you look like an absent-minded gringo who learned Spanish in Monterrey. If you want to bring people's attention to something very fine, stick to padrote. It's a solid word.

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