Thursday, December 13, 2007



orig. buey (lit. ox)

It is commonplace that once castrated, a bull not only looses its sex-drive but also displays diminished speed, reflex, drive and is good for nothing but pulling a plow. Güey usually denotes stupidity, sleepiness, lack of edge, skill or stamina.

An alternative or complementary interpretation, suggests the cuckold status of the recipient. You have simultaneously grown horns and are two slow to realize it.

However its origin and significance, güey has now a meaningless and more widespread use as a term of endearment between buddies.

Originally vulgar and reserved to male bonding, güey has acquired a more universal an unisex use in urban settings where, still a bad word, it is regarded as an amusing misdemeanor.

  1. Estas re güey: You're missing the point
  2. Qué onda güey: How's it hanging
  3. Pásale güey: Go ahead moron
  4. Me caes de güevos güey: You're awesome dude
  5. Ni madres güey: Not at all
  6. Ni de pedo güey: No way
  7. Siiii güey: No I don't buy it
  8. Noooo güey: Isn't it obvious
  9. Ay güey: Coming to realize the gravity and/or imminent proximity of an occurrence
  10. No güey: No güey
  11. Sí güey: Yes güey
  12. Ese güey: Him
  13. Su güey: Her boyfriend
  14. Otro güey: Someone else

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