Saturday, December 22, 2007


A pancho (PAN-chaw, lit. one of many ways to call someone named Francisco) is an exaggerated reaction of disapproval to something someone has (or hasn't) done. It is mostly used in the the form armar or hacer un pancho (lit. assemble, make a frank), which means to make a big and rather often unnecessary deal. A person who indulges him or herself making panchos left and right is referred to as panchera. It is a solid word. Though colloquial, it is not considered offensive. Use it in expressions like:

Me armó un panchote porque me cachó con su tía => She made a big deal because she caught me with her aunt

Mi jefes eran muy pancheros conmigo, pero se le bajó en cuanto me entambaron => My folks used to make a big deal out of everything I did, but they chilled out as soon as I was locked up

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