Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Culero (kool-aeroh) means "of the ass", probably a literary allusion to how close a person or her behavior is to fecal matter. It is a proper insult. It has a weaker version, culei, which is rarely offensive. Culero is particularly handy in two contexts: sports events and concerts. When soccer fans don't agree with a particular call of the nazareno (the referee), they chant culero, culero. The same happens when the audience in a concert requests an encore. In both cases the chant works better when accompanied with whistled mentadas.

When chanted, the phonems cu- and -ro have a duration of one forth of a time, if not an eighth. The duration of the phonem -le- depends on the level of anxiety of the crowd (never shorter than one time). The longer the -le-, the more emphatic the message.

Fans disagreeing with the referee's call

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  1. creo que conviene la pronunciaci'on figurada

    Kool- aeroh