Friday, December 28, 2007


Camote (Cah-MAW-teh) is the Mexican term for sweet potato. There are three expressions that involve the use of camote. (1) In reference to a woman, the expression traer camote or estar con su camote means that such female is accompanied by her sweetheart, fiance, husband, lover or a random male sexual partner. (2) When referring to a gathering, the expression hay puro camote means that the ratio of females to males is very low. It is usually meant as a bitter complaint. (3) The expression tragar camote means to be wandering.
Camote is a colorful and solid word. Though it is not written on stone, if you want to alternate its use, in the first case camote can be substituted by chilorio (a tasty dish from Sinaloa, México), in the second by tornillo (lit. screw) and in the third by reata (lit. rope).

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