Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Su peluquita a Kojak

To Kojak his wig

Mi reina, vamos a ponerle su peluquita a Kojak

Darling, let's put Kojak his wig on. (To propose intercourse)

Just make sure not to pronounce the "o" in Kojak in English but rather in plain mexican.

Also useful:

Matar el oso a puñaladas (Stab the bear to death, you know)
Echar calceta (to drop a sock)
Echar patita o echar patrulla (to do a little leg or police car)
Treparse al guayabo (to climb tho guava tree)

Jackson Five

Some of the purest and most effective forms of D.F. slang often include a meticulous selection of words borrowed from English; not because they mean anything remotely similar, but because they kinda, sorta, sound a little like something we want to say in a cooler more colorful way güey.

Ya nos están esperando las chavas, vámonos para Jackson Five (in lieu of vámonos para allá ).

The girls are waiting for us, let's go there [or allá-ckson Five].

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hasta las nalgas

lit. Up to your butt

"asstaeh lez nahl-gas"

Someone is said to be "hasta las nalgas" when he or she had to much to... well, shit faced.

Estoy hasta las nalgas: I'm pissed
Vienes hasta las nalgas: Cheers bro!

When someone has you up to your butt, you're either fed up with that person or truly infatuated

Ese cabrón me tiene hasta las nalgas: I've had it with that dick
Esa chica me trae hasta las nalgas: I've the hots for that chick

Taco de ojo

Taco de ojo literally means "eye taco." Quite a few gourmet Chilangos count beef-eye tacos among their favorite delicacies of vernacular cuisine. However, in the expression echar taco de ojo it stands for a delight to the eye of the viewer; a taco for the eye or the equivalent of eye candy. If someone says he or she is echando un taco de ojo, that person means he or she is delighted with the view, which typically involves attractive men or women walking by or hanging around.

Fidel: ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de los restaurantes vegetarianos?
Ernesto: El taco de ojo, camarada.

Fidel: What do you like the most at vegetarian restaurants?
Ernesto: The endless sight of hotties, amigo.

Tacos de ojo are obviously non-vegetarian, but vegetarians can enjoy a taco de ojo looking at handsome meat-eaters at any taquería in DF

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Darse su taco

It literally means "to give oneself one's own taco." A person who se da su taco is someone who thinks is special and deserves special treatment. It is typically applied to a good looking person surrounded by not that good looking people.

Lic. Fernández: Oye, ¿por qué tu secretaria no contesta el telefono?
Lic. Hernández: Se da su taco porque fue la Flor mas Bella del Ejido alla en su tierra hace unos años. Cuando necesites algo, mejor háblame a mi celular.

Fernandez: Hey, why is your administrative asistant not picking up the phone?
Hernandez: She thinks she looks to good to be doing that, she won the beauty pageant back in her hometown a few years ago. If you want to contact me, you'd better call my cell phone.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Echarle mucha crema a sus tacos

Tacos are one of the pillars of Chilango culture and a handful of linguistic references prove it. The expression echarle mucha crema a sus tacos literally means "putting too much sour cream on top of one's tacos". It means that the subject of the conversation:

1. Exhibits a rather exaggerated behavior.
2. Thinks too much of him or herself.
3. Narrates his or her anectodotes in an exaggerated way that usually makes him or her look good.

A close substitute of this expression is adornarse (lit. to decorate oneself). In sum, by adding sour cream to one's tacos, one make them look more appealing but not tastier. The essence remains unchanged.


Jefe de Recursos Humanos: Entrevistamos a más de diez candidatos al puesto. Todos le echaron mucha crema a sus tacos. Mejor congelamos la plaza.
Gerente General: Tampoco te adornes. Que se echen un disparejo y contrata al que gane.

Head of HR: We interviewed over ten candidates for the position. All thought too much of themselves. We better freeze that position.
General Manager: Don't exaggerate! Make them compete by flipping coins and hire the winner.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Arráncatela y engrápatela

Por mí, arráncatela y engrápatela en la frente is an extremely gory expression. Its literal meaning is "as far as I am concerned, you might as well gouge it and staple it to your forehead." The unmentioned thing that can be gouged and stapled is the other person's penis. It is a colorful equivalent to the expression "this is a free country" or "do as you please, I do not give a damn."

An old school alternative that evokes a less bloody image is por mí puedes hacer de tu culo un papalote. Its literal meaning is "as far as I am concerned you can make a kite of your ass."

In both cases, make sure that the person you are talking to doesn't get easily offended, because these expressions are utterly informal.

Profesor Jirafales: Con todo respeto espero que no te moleste que invite a tu mamá al cine.
Kiko: Por mí, arránquesela y engrápesela en la frente, profesor.

Mr. Jirafales: With all due respect I hope you don't mind if I ask your mom out to catch a movie.
Kiko: As far as I am concerned, Mr. Jirafales, you can gouge it and staple it to your forehead.

Friday, June 5, 2009


(lit. rooster) A marijuana cigarrette: reefer, dubbie, joint.

Lupe: Luisa y Carlos se ven muy contentos.
Juanjo: Ah, es que se acaban de dar un gallo.

Lupe: Luisa and Carlos look really happy.
Juanjo: Uh, yeah, they just smoked a joint.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ya estufas

Ya estufas (jazz-TOO-fass, lit. already stoves) is an expression that denotes strong agreement or implies that a deal is done. It has nothing to do with stoves. It comes from the equally solid but less colorful expression ya estuvo (lit. it already was), with the same meaning as ya estufas.

Maestro albañil: ¿Ya prepararon la mezcla?
Colador: ¡Ya estufas!

Senior construction worker: Is the concrete mix ready?
Junior construction worker: You betcha!