Friday, July 30, 2010


In English, some people claim that "beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder". In other words, the ingestion of liquor, beer and alcoholic drinks in general alters the perception of beauty, typically giving it a wider, more inclusive definition. Many Mexicans share that opinion. Hence alcoholic drinks are often referred to as embellecedoras, i.e. the beautifying ones. They make everybody around the drinker seem more beautiful. 


Víctor: ¿Qué transa? ¿Unas embellecedoras?
Ausencio: Pa'pronto es luego.

Víctor: How'bout some beautifying libations?
Ausencio: Hell yeah.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Surtir la receta

Surtir la receta literally means 'to fill the prescription'. By no means this is related to the over-the-counter purchase in Mexican territory of drugs  that require prescription in the U.S. Surtir la receta means to give the physical punishment that is deserved, especially in a violent fashion.


Pancho: Le voy a dar en la madre en cuanto lo vea.
Memo: ¿Vas a surtirle la receta?
Pancho: ¡Con todo! Ya verás que le va a caer la voladora.

Pancho: I am gonna kick his ass as soon as I see him.
Memo: Are you gonna make him pay for what he did?
Pancho: Totally! You'll see, he is so frigging screwed.

Farmacias in Mexico City can be divided into two categories: the ones that sell branded products and the ones that sell generics. Among the latter group, the most ubiquitous chain is "Farmacias Similares", whose mascot (Dr. Simi) is really creepy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Suave (soo • AH • veh) literally means soft. It's an old school expression that means cool. Suave is used almost exclusively by Mexicans born before 1966. Its equivalent for younger cohorts are chido (utterly recommendable) and padre (if you want to sound as a 8 year old).


Hijo: Jefe, vamos a darnos unas caguamas para celebrar que ya tengo chamba.
Papá: ¡Suave! Yo invito. Dile a tus carnales.

Son: Pops, let's get some 40-ouncers to celebrate that I got a job.
Dad: Coolio! I'll buy them. Tell your bros.

The cohorts of Mexicans that use suave roughly coincide with those that read La Familia Burrón comic books in their childhood (drawn and created by Gabriel Vargas).

Friday, July 16, 2010


Cascarear is a derivative of cáscara, which literally means peel or skin (of a fruit). Cascarear means to play a sport without referees or strict rules, just for the fun of it. Cascarear is used pejoratively by snobs to refer to those who do not train during the week and only get together to play on the weekends, or to those who do not stick to a well-thought plan.

The clip below shows Tierry Henry, a famous French soccer player, cascareando.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Entrón (en • TRON) means 'always willing and eager to go in'. Entrón is used in reference to a person that is an eager beaver, especially when it comes to tasks or activities in which most people would hesitate or think twice. If someone is entrón for something, that person does not think twice before doing it.


Giovanni: Tu prima es bien entrona para el beso.
Cuahtémoc: Síguele y verás que yo también soy bien entrón, pero para el manazo...

Giovanni: Your cousin is really game for kissing.
Cuahtémoc: Go on and you'll find out that I'm game too, but game to slap you on the face...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ni pichas, ni cachas, ni dejas batear

Pichar means to pitch. Cachar means to catch. Batear means to bat. This expression means that somebody gets on the way of all people around him or her, not allowing them to do anything (literally that person doesn't pitch, doesn't catch and doesn't let others bat). This expression is also the living proof of baseball's popularity in Mexico.


Ramiro: ¿Ya hablaron con el licenciado Manríquez  para que se repartan las labores para echar a andar el proyecto?
Rogelio: Ese güey ni picha, ni cacha, ni deja batear.

Ramiro: Have you spoken with Mr. Manriquez so that you divide the tasks to get the project started?
Rogelio: That mofo doesn't let us do anything, but he gets nothing done.

Fernando Valenzuela is the best known Mexican MLB player (rookie of the year and Cy Young in the same season), who gave rise to Fernandomanía back in the early 1980s.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Chamba (JAM • bah) means gig, job or work, depending on the context. Chambear means to work. An equivalent, less frequently used expression is jale (HAH • leh). 


Joaquín: Me corrieron de la chamba.
Sabina: ¿Por huevón?
Joaquín: Nel. Por incompetente.
Sabina: ¡Si serás!

Joaquin: I was fired.
Sabina: Because of your laziness?
Joaquin: Nope. Cuz of my incompetence.
Sabina: You little piece of...