Sunday, August 30, 2009

Huevon vs. Huevudo

If used properly, these two words would make you sound good. On one hand, huevón (weh-VONN), which literally means big-egged, stands for lazy-ass. It is a metaphor to having such heavy testicles that one's activities are slowed down.

On the other hand, huevudo (weh-VOO-though), which also means big-egged, is used in reference to a young male who is old enough to take care of himself. It is an allusion to a young male having adult-size testicles.

Obviously, nothing prevents a person from being both huevón and huevudo.

Beto: Oye, tu hijo el mayor ya está huevudo. ¿Por qué no te ayuda?
Enrique: Es un huevón.

Beto: Hey, your son the oldest is no longer a kid. How come he doesn't give a hand?
Enrique: He's a lazy ass.

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