Monday, August 31, 2009

De aguamielero

Whenever you're concerned on what you might have said or done during the last party, it's always healthy to remorsefully shake out the guilt and do some preemptive damage control by sharing your recent drinking accomplishments: me puse una de aguamielero ("I got as wasted as an aguamielero.")

Harvesters of the sweet juice from the core of the tequila agave or from the leafs of pulque magueys, are known as aguamieleros. Reportedly, aguamileros have taken wasted-ness by alcohol intoxication to new record heights after the sweet juice they harvest, the aguamiel (which literally means honey water) has fermented a bit inside their stomachs.

In any case, to qualify one's perceived level of pedo (drunkenness) makes way to a host of colorful ways to gauge it.

Me puse un pedo de relojero (wathcmaker): when you end up leaning your forehead against your hand on top of the table as if you were closely inspecting a watch. campeonato: championship level. aquellas: one of those. José José: The acclaimed Prince of Song during the 70's and 80's set the standard in both drinking and singing helplessly tragic ballads of lost love. Drinking away lost love is always a fine excuse to sing.

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  1. Let's not forget the classical:

    "Peda marca llorarás" (if drunkedness could be bought from a store like any other item, the brand name of this one would be: YOU SHALL CRY)