Saturday, August 15, 2009

Peleas en la Coliseo

For decades, the Coliseo Arena in Mexico City has been the spot to watch wrestling (lucha libre) and box fights (peleas). The expression tener peleas en la coliseo literally means "to have fights in the coliseum." It is a reference to a young individual expected to behave like an adult given his age. Peleas en la coliseo is a disguise for pelos en la cola, meaning "hair in the asshole." In other words, if somebody tiene peleas en la coliseo, it means that such person has grown pubic hair and therefore is (physiologically speaking at least) an adult.

Hijo: Papi, papi, ¿me das para darme una vuelta en el carrusel?
Padre: Tienes 16 años. Ya tienes peleas en la coliseo. Déjate de pendejadas.
Hijo: Si verdad. La cagué.

Son: Daddy, daddy, can I get money for the merry-go-round?
Father: You're 16. You have pubic hair. Cut the non-sense.

Son: True that. My bad.