Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Pedo is one of those words that are the nightmare of enthusiasts learning Spanish. Its meaning is completely context dependent. An effective swearer must be able to distinguish the different meanings of pedo in a phrase like:

¿Qué pedo con mi suegra? Hizo un pedote porque, ya pedo, se me escapó un pedito.

  1. A pedo is a fart, and pedorrearse or tirarse un pedo means to fart.
  2. Ponerse pedo or empedar means to get drunk, and estar pedo means to be drunk. A peda is a booze-centered party.
  3. Pedo is also a problem, a difficulty, hacerla de pedo means to make a big deal or to confront someone, and ser pedero means to be a trouble maker or annoyingly demanding.
  4. The meaning of the expression ¡¿qué pedo!? depends on the tone of the speaker. Nice: what's up! Suprised: are you fucking kidding me?! Angry: what is your fucking problem?! Cracking up laughing: unbelievable!
  5. ¿Qué pedo con ...? means "what's the deal with... ?"
  6. Ya ni pedo, means "there is nothing we can do about it".

Now we can revisit the sentence above to reveal its meaning:

What's the deal with my mother-in-law? She made a big deal because, when I was already drunk, I let a little fart out.

Etiquette: pedo is an informal word. Use it.


  1. Additional handy uses of pedo

    Agarrar el pedo: Not only to engage in heavy drinkinb, but also: To understand, to know what the fart is all about

    Hacerla de pedo: Not only look for trouble, but also resisting to give in, or to show off, to be puffy.

    Ese cabrón la hace mucho de pedo, no agarra el pedo de que somos alivianados:That fucker is too puffy, he doesn't realize we're chilled

  2. Here are some expressions that can replace "pedo" in each of its various meanings:

    1. Descoserse (literally means to rip a piece of cloth. Such act mimics the farting sound.)

    -Alguien se descocio gacho en el elevador. (Someone passed heavy gas on the elevator)

    2. Persa (persian)/ pedernal (limestone)/hasta el huevo/hasta la madre/ hasta el moco/hasta las manitas.

    -Me chupe tres jaiboles y ya andaba bien persa. (Those three cocktails really trashed me up).

    3. Tos (a cough)
    -Reina, no la hagas de tos y jalate a mi depa. (Honey, don't be complicated and come to my place)

    4. Pedro (Peter)
    -Que Pedro Pablo? (What's up Paul?)

    5. Pex/Pez (fish)
    - Que pinche goliza se llevaron tus Aguilas, ni pex ca! (I'm sorry your soccer team is playing crap.)