Monday, December 31, 2007


Clavar (cla-VAR, lit. to nail) means to have sexual intercourse. When used in the reflexive form, clavarse (lit. to dive), it means to be infatuated or deeply in love. A person in such state is said to be clavado (lit. 1. nailed, 2. a dive). Clavarse also means to be absorbed by something: work, a topic, a hobby, a cult, etc. In this case it is usually part of the expression clavarse en la textura (lit. to delve into the texture). Rufus (in the picture) already nailed down the different meanings of clavar--good boy!

Note: when clavado does not refer to a dive it can be substituted by clavel (clah-VELL, lit. carnation), in plural or singular.


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