Sunday, July 25, 2010

Surtir la receta

Surtir la receta literally means 'to fill the prescription'. By no means this is related to the over-the-counter purchase in Mexican territory of drugs  that require prescription in the U.S. Surtir la receta means to give the physical punishment that is deserved, especially in a violent fashion.


Pancho: Le voy a dar en la madre en cuanto lo vea.
Memo: ¿Vas a surtirle la receta?
Pancho: ¡Con todo! Ya verás que le va a caer la voladora.

Pancho: I am gonna kick his ass as soon as I see him.
Memo: Are you gonna make him pay for what he did?
Pancho: Totally! You'll see, he is so frigging screwed.

Farmacias in Mexico City can be divided into two categories: the ones that sell branded products and the ones that sell generics. Among the latter group, the most ubiquitous chain is "Farmacias Similares", whose mascot (Dr. Simi) is really creepy.


  1. Pablo, a more accurate partition of pharmacies in Mexico would be: Ones that sell evidence-based drugs (patented or generic) and ones that sell "similar" drugs, which have about the same effectiveness and scientific backing as homeopathic drugs.

  2. I remember Dr. Simi, thanks for sharing. : )