Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dar en la torre, madre

Dar en la torre (dahr en lah TAW-reh) literally means "to give in the tower." It means "to beat the crap out of somebody" (literally, or figuratively in sports) or "to bring down something such as a strategy or a plan." A less polite yet more emphatic way to express the same feeling or assesment is dar en la madre.

Example 1:

Reportero: ¿Cuál va a ser la estrategia para este encuentro?
DT del Tri: Darle en la torre al rival.

Journalist: What's gonna be the team's strategy?
Head coach of Mexico's national soccer team: Beat the crap out of the rival.

Example 2:

Taxista: Lo que nos dio en la madre, jefe, es que nos hayan conquistado los españoles.
Pasajero: Si, verdad. Aquí no más, si me hace favor.

Taxi driver: What put us in a shit hole, boss, is that we were conquered by Spaniards.
Passenger: Yeah, right. Here is fine, please.

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