Wednesday, September 16, 2009

De volada

De volada (the vough-LAH-thah) is an sdverb that refers to an activity being done really fast. It is a reference to doing it as fast as flying. Highly popular derivatives of that expression are de volón (the vough-LAWN) and de volón-pinpón (the vough-LAWN peen-PAWN).

Pepe: El partido ya va a empezar y no hay botanas.
Lalo: Ahorita preparamos un guacamole de volada. Tú, tranquilo.

Pepe: The game is about to start and we don't have snacks.
Lalo: Calm down. We'll fix a guacamole in a spit second.

Nothing goes better with watching soccer on TV than guacamole and tortilla chips.

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  1. Similar expressions:

    * En chinga (aen-SHEEN-gah; see "chingar")
    * En putiza (aen-poo-TEE-saw; putiza by itself denotes a violent fight)
    * En verguiza (amber-GHIZA; see "the v-word")