Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Darse color, tinta

Darse color (THAR-seh coh-LAWR) literally means "to give color to oneself." It is a solid expression that means "to realize the thuth of the matter." An equivalent expression is darse tinta (THAR-se TEEN-tah) which means "to give ink to oneself."

Example 1:

Estudiante: Párale, la maestra ya se dio tinta de que estás copiando.
Maestra: ¿Qué esta pasando aquí?

Student: Stop it, the teacher already realized you're copying.
Teacher: What's going on here?

Example 2:

Edecán: Este ron está super suave.
Transeúnte: Entra sin que te des color de que es licor.
Edecán: ¿Le sirvo más?

Model: This rum is really smooth.
Random dude: You can drink it without even realizing it's liquor.
Model: Would you care for more?

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  1. "Darse tinta" sounds quite similar to the standard "darse cuenta"... maybe that's the origin of the phrase....