Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Rifar (ree-FAHR) literally means to raffle off something. On the streets of Chilangolandia its meaning is different. First, a person is said to be rifada or that such person se rifa if she successfully engages in a adventurous or difficult task. Second, an object, a place or an activity is said to be rifada or that se rifa if such object, place or activity is second to none.

Example 1:

Demetrio: Oye, ¿qué tal es tu cuñado para el pambol? Estamos buscando un centro delantero goleador.
Benjamín: Si se rifa. De chavo estuvo en fuerzas básicas de los Panzas Verdes.

Demetrio: Hey, is your brother-in-law any good for soccer? We're looking for a striker.
Benjamin: He's awwesome. When he was little he played for Leon's youth team.

Example 2:

Cliente en taquería: Estos tacos de bistec si se rifan.
Taquero: ¿Le paso otros seis con todo, jefe?

Taqueria patron: These steak tacos are really something.
Cook: Do you want another set of six with everything, boss?

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