Monday, September 14, 2009

De chiripa, chiripada

When something happens de chiripa (the chee-DEE-pah), it happens serendipitously, randomly. A chiripada (chee-dee-PAH-tha) is an act of serendipity, the realization of a very low probability event usually with good consequences.

Casabolsero 1: Si tienes talento y aptitudes puedes ganar un millón en un buen día, como yo gané hoy.
Casabolsero 2: No mames. Bien sabes que fue chiripada.
Casabolsero 1: No seas amargado.

Stockbroker 1: If you have talent and skills you can make a million any given day, like I just did.
Stockbroker 2: Cut that shit. You know that it was sheer luck.
Stockbroker 1: Don't be so bitter.

1 comment:

  1. Equivlent expressions:

    * De caca/ de cagada (the CAW-caw/ the caw-GAH-tha; lit. lucky as shit)
    * De churro (the CHOO-roh)