Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alternatives to "no mames"

No mames is a very infromal and solid expression of desbelief or repudiation. Most people circumvent the informality by using alternative expressions that, preserving the intended meaning, show the speaker's regard for formality. Those expressions hint to what the speaker would like to say by sharing only the first syllables of no mames and the like. The literal meaning of the interjection is irrelevant but usually very colorful. Here are some popular examples:

You sort of say: ¿No va a venir tu mamá? [lit. isn't your mom coming?]
You actually say: No mame...¿nir tu mamá?

You sort of say: No me amenaces [lit. do not threaten me]
You actually say: No mame...naces

You sort of say: No mouse, Mickey
You actually say: No Mickey

You say: No maaa...nches tu alma [lit. do not stain your soul]

You sort of say: No se llama mona, se llama muñeca [lit. it is not called figure, it's called doll]
You actually say: No sea mamón a... se llama muñeca


  1. Holy fudge! This blog is so unbelievably useful, I wish you had told me about it earlier, you devil-may-care mofo.

  2. married to a chilango I find this blog hilarious! i think i stumbled across it from soem pictures on wikepdia..but ill be back for some more laughs!