Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Catafixiar (cat-affix-EEAR) is a verb that means to barter in an abusive and frustrating way. It comes from the TV show "En Familia" hosted for over 40 years by Javier Lopez "Chabelo". At the end of each episode, when game participants have already collected their prizes, Chabelo offers them a barter in which they give up their prizes and get an unknown gift, in one of three catafixias. One of the three catafixias has a bogus gift (e.g. a big glass container for aguas frescas). Another has cheap furniture. The third catafixia contains toys and it is the one everybody considers worth the risk. Unfortunately, the chances of getting the good prize are 1/3, so in average playing the catafixia is a losing strategy.

Alma Verónica: Pensé que me ibas a llevar a un restaurante de lujo.
Juan Alberto: ¿Qué te parece si te lo catafixio por una tortas para llevar y una visita relámpago al cinco letras?

Alma Verónica: I though you were going to take me to a fancy restaurant.
Juan Alberto: How about picking up some subs and stopping by a motel instead?

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