Saturday, September 5, 2009

De nuez

This expression is a workhorse of Chilango slang. De nuez (the-noo-ESS) means "of walnut" or "of pecan." It comes from the expression de nuevo, which depending on the context means anew or again. De nuez is a solid expression. Use it every time you can.

Manuel: Se me olvidó de nuez ir a la verificación.
Oscar: Uuuta, ya estufas que te va a caer la voladora.
Manual: Igual no iba a pasarla.

Manuel: I forgot again to go to the emission testing facility.
Oscar: Geee, I'm afraid you're in deep shit.
Manuel: I wasn't gonna pass it, anyways.

Clunkers' owners dread la verificación (the emissions test).

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