Friday, October 2, 2009

Chiflando y aplaudiendo

Sometimes an adult wants to make sure that a young couple don't make out. The adult can ask the couple to keep chiflando y aplaudiendo (chee-FLAN-though ee ah-plough-DEE-en-though), which literally means "whistling and clapping."

It's virtually impossible to make out while whistling and clapping. Thus, the adult can avoid akward face-to-face supervision by being in a contiguous room and still hear the whistling and clapping. Of course, that's all in theory. in practice is enough to have an adult saying that to create awkwardness and stay away from smooching and hugging.


Mamá: Los dejo solos en la sala, pero... chiflando y aplaudiendo, ¿eh?

Mom: I leave alone in the living room, however, I wanna hear you clapping and whisteling, ok?

This couple took it literally.

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