Saturday, October 10, 2009


Vientos (vee-EN-toss) literally means "winds." It is used as a way to emphatically express approval. It comes from the word bien (lit. good). A stronger version is vientos huracanados, (vee-EN-toss hoo-rah-ca-NAH-thoss) which literally means "hurricane-like winds."

Don't be afraid to use vientos everytime you would use "good job" or "excellent." It's a solid workhorse of Chilango slang.


Estudiante de Doctorado: Después de seis años, finalmente terminé la tesis.
Asesor de tesis: ¡Vientos! Pensé que te la ibas a pelar.

PhD student: After six years, I finally finished my dissertation.
Thesis advisor: Excellent! I thought you were not going to make it.

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