Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Apañón (ah-pah-GNON) means to be subjugated, typically by a crowd, in a violent, unfair and usually insulting fashion. Apañar is to subjugate in such way. Apañado means to be scared, in the same way one would be after an apañón.


Rafael: ¿Por qué andas tan serio?
Leonardo: Me apañaron afuera del metro unos culeros.

Rafael: Why so serious?
Leonardo: A couple of thugs bullied me and slapped me oustide of the subway station.

Below is a video of the classic song "Apañón" by Chilango band Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del Quinto Patio. You can find the lirycs here:

Apañar is also used as agandallar, and therefore can mean to grab without permission.


Persona en un concierto de la sinfónica: ¡Esos cabrones apañaron nuestros lugares!

Concertgoer at the Sypmhony: Those assholes took our seats!


  1. 'Apañar' also means to make out, usually in public places and with both parties' full consent. Hence, 'apañón' is the act of seduction in non-intimate environments.


    Hoy que fui al parque, caché a mi sirvienta en el apañón con el chofer.

    Today in the park I caught my maid making out with the chofer.