Monday, October 5, 2009

Báscula, pasar báscula y basculear

A báscula (BASS-coo-lah) is a scale. Báscula is used in expressions related to searching or frisking somebody. The concept comes from the scales in the roads that are used to measure if trucks are carrying more or less than what they are supposed to.

Both basculear and pasar báscula (lit. pass scale) mean to frisk, search. ¡Báscula! is an interjection form used in lieu of any of the two.

Example 1:

Beto: No traigo ni un centavo.
Enrique: No te creo nada. ¡Báscula!

Beto: I don't have a penny on me.
Enrique: I don't believe you. I'll search you!

Example 2:

Abuelita: ¿Cóme les fue en su viaje a la playa?
Nieto: Uuuta, los militares nos pasaron báscula cinco veces.

Granny: How was your trip to the beach?
Grandson: Geeee, we were searched five times at military checkpoints.

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