Tuesday, March 11, 2008

El Tri

In the psyche of Mexicans the term el Tri invokes two deeply rooted and completely unrelated concepts. On one hand, a rock and roll band whose original name back in the 1960s was "Three Souls in my Mind" and that later was shortened to El Tri. From the original line up only Alex Lora remains, hence the name El Tri de Lora. This band is popular for their funny lyrics and honest blues style.

On the other hand the term el Tri invokes the national soccer team. Since the team's uniform displays the three colors of the Mexican flag, the national team is referred as el Equipo Tricolor (lit. the three-color team). One of the most exciting moments in the history of el Tri was the World Cup hosted by Mexico in 1986, when Manolo Negrete scored a media tijera (lit. half-scissors) goal. At that moment the coach was Velibor "Bora" Milutinovic, hence this team was nicknamed el Tri de Bora.

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