Tuesday, March 25, 2008


"Al que madruga, Dios le ayuda" (God helps those who get up early). Madrugada (ma-droo-GAH-duh) is the time after midnight and before sunrise. Madrugar (ma-droo-GRRR) in its intransitive form means to get up at that time, an activity that is seen in Mexico as a sign of will power, righteousness and good spirit. However, when madrugar is used in a transitive way, i.e. madrugar a alguien, it means to take advantage of that person but moving fast and stealthily. Madruguete is a furtive action.

Pancho: Mi primo es muy madrugador. (My cousin is an early riser.)
Poncho: ¡Sí, ya me dijeron que te dio baje con la gordita de la tienda! ¡Qué madruguete! (Indeed! I heard he moved faster than you with the corner store clerk! You didn't even see it coming!)

Madrugada in the Valley of Mexico

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