Thursday, March 6, 2008


Another workhorse of contemporary Chilango slang, choro (CHOH-ruh) has multiple uses and two core meanings. On one hand it means B.S., balloney, or more generally flagrant lies, and chorear means to lie like a flat pancake.

1. ¡No seas choro!: get out! (expression of disbelief)
2. Fuera de choro... : I shit you not ...
3. Ese güey es bien choro: that guy is full of shit
4. Me choreó mi cuñado: my brother-in-law fooled me

On the other hand, choro means an empty, entangled speech usually given with the purpose of not telling the truth or not looking like an idiot. In this case chorear is to give such a speech.

5. El candidato se aventó un choro: the candidate gave an empty, inconsequential speech
6. Los ruleteros son choreros: taxi drivers talk non-sense

Note: In cases 1 and 3, choro can be substituted by lengua (lit. tongue). In cases 5 and 6, choro can substituted by rollo (RO-joh, lit. roll). In all cases, the noun choro can be substituted by chorizo, the Spanish-style sausage.

Nobody disputes Mario Moreno Cantinflas is the king of choro. Watch the video below and learn how to chorear from the best.

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