Friday, July 2, 2010


Chamba (JAM • bah) means gig, job or work, depending on the context. Chambear means to work. An equivalent, less frequently used expression is jale (HAH • leh). 


Joaquín: Me corrieron de la chamba.
Sabina: ¿Por huevón?
Joaquín: Nel. Por incompetente.
Sabina: ¡Si serás!

Joaquin: I was fired.
Sabina: Because of your laziness?
Joaquin: Nope. Cuz of my incompetence.
Sabina: You little piece of...

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  1. Chamba is used across Latin America (and the country of México), not just in DF. I know because my friends from South America and Central America use it too, plus I hear it in Monterrey quiet often. I don't know about Jale, but it's used across Mexico too.