Monday, June 28, 2010

Jefe, Jefa

Jefe and jefa are masculine and feminine for chief or boss. They are typically used to refer to parents. This might be a source of confusion. That's why we suggest the use of patrón in opposition to jefe. Patrón (like the tequila brand) literally means boss in a work related context.


Marlon: ¿Y esa camionetota tan chingona?
Brando: Es de mi jefe.
Marlon: ¿De tu patrón o de tu progenitor? 
Brando: No la cagues. Mi patrón tiene un zapatito bien jodido.

Marlon: Where did you get that bad ass SUV?
Brando: It's my chief's.
Marlon: Your boss or your father?
Brando: C'mon, my boss drives a beaten up Renault 5.

Zapatito (little shoe) is the affectionate nickname for Renault 5

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