Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No hay fijón

No hay fijón (noh • eye • feeg • HAWN) comes from the expession no te fijes, which means something like 'don't you worry' or 'do not even mention it'. Use no hay fijón to exempt somebody from the consequences of their actions.

Example 1:

Estudiante mediocre: Estoy pariendo chayotes con este curso. ¿Me das chance de fusilarme tu trabajo final?
Estudiante sobresaliente: Cáete con un biyuyo y no hay fijón.

Mediocre student: I'm having a hard time in this course. Would you let me copy your term paper?
Outstanding student: Surrender some greenbacks and I won't mind it at all.

Example 2:

Mariela: Perdón, se me hizo súper tarde. El tráfico está gruesísimo.
Gilberto: No hay fijón. Nada más quería decirte que lo nuestro terminó.
Mariela: Eres un culero, me hubieras enviado un texto y me ahorras hora y media de tráfico. 

Mariela: Sorry I am late. Traffic was aweful.
Gilberto: Don't worry. I just wanted to tell you that we're breaking up.
Mariela: You son of a bitch! You should have sent a text message and spare me one and a half hours of traffic.

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  1. this is great ! the "pariendo chayotes" part had me laughing, and then the "me ahorras hora y media de trafico" did me in xD

    I'm going to bookmark your blog