Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recordar el Diez de Mayo

Unlike Cinco de Mayo and other 364 days of the year, Diez de Mayo (May the 10th) has become part of Mexican slang. Recordar el Diez de Mayo means to be reminded of Mother's Day, which is in Mexico is May the 10th. When someone te recuerda el diez de mayo, that person tells you to 'go and fuck your mama.' In other words, that person is 'mentioning' or 'bring up' your mother, i.e. te la esta mentando. Another term for recordar el diez de mayo is refrescar (to refresh, as in to refresh one's memory).


Diego Armando: Le dije que ahí muere y me recordó el diez de mayo.
Luis Roberto: ¡No mames! ¿Textual?
Diego Armando: Simón. Me la refrescó delante de mi banda.
Luis Alberto: Pero ¿te la mentó o sólo te hizo la seña?
Diego Armando: Me dijo "vas y chingas a tu madre". 

Diego Armando: I told her let's just drop it and she mentioned my mother.
Luis Roberto: No shit! Literally?
Diego Armando: Yup. She disrespected me in front of my homies.
Luis Alberto: But did she mention your mother or just gestured?
Diego Armando: She said "go an fuck your mother." 

For Diez de Mayo, nothing says 'I love you mom' better than a $250 dollar hour of Mariachi

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