Saturday, May 29, 2010

Domingo Siete

When a young single female turns out unexpectedly pregnant, she salió con su domingo siete (lit. she turned out with a Sunday the 7th). In other words, she is en barcelona. Salir con su domingo siete is neither an insulting nor an encouraging expression. However, the new mom-to-be might appreciate some discretion. 


  1. An equivalent way to say "salió con su domingo siete" is "se comió la torta antes del recreo" (lit. she ate her sandwich before recess). This expression provides a nice analogy with the urge to satisfy one's cravings prematurely.

  2. My grandfather always used "doming siete" or "Le hizo daño el agua"! :)

  3. it comes from an old joke, that I can not remember, but it is something like the girl says that is pregnant to her parents and they ask how many months? well...this Sunday will be 7. That its what I know. Pati