Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Chance (CHAN-zeh) is a word imported from English. Depending on the context it means permission, likelihood or a break. It is most often used in the following three forms:


Daughter: ¿Me das chance de ir con Ramón y sus primos a Acapulco este fin?
Mom: ¿Te sientes bien?
Daughter: Would you please let me go with Ramón and his (male) cousins to Acapulco for the weekend?
Mom: Are you out of your mind?


One stockbroker to another: ¿Ya viste cómo esta la bolsa? ¡Dame chaaaaance!
Have you seen how's the Dow Jones doing? Give me a flippin' break!


Party crasher: Chance y me lanzo a tu reven.
Party host: Es que chance y no se arma.
Party crasher: Chances are I'll stop by your party.
Party host: Uhhh... chances are it doesn't take place.

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