Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The term grilla (GREE-jah, lit. female cricket) is used to denote a variety of politically oriented activities, including proselitism, power brokerage and lobbying, in any context (school, the workplace, the playground, etc.) Grillar is to engage in such actions. Someone who is usually involved in that sort of activities is called a grillo. To a grillo, being called grillo is no big deal. To a non-grillo, it is. Major league grilla (the political scene) is referred to as polaca (poh-LACK-ah, lit. Polish female).

Pancho: ¿Sabías que el pinche Rodolfo le entró a la polaca?
Poncho: Nel. Pus que chido, a ese güey le late la grilla desde chavo.

Pancho: Did you now flippin' Rodolfo got into politics?
Poncho: Nope. That's good-I guess, that dude has loved politics since he was a kid.

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