Monday, December 1, 2008


Mandilón (mann-dee-LAWN, lit. big apron) might be extremely offensive among some old-school, very macho Chilangos. A man is said to be a mandilón if his girlfriend or spouse is the one "wearing the trousers" in the relationship. If she wears the trousers, then he wears the apron.

Younger cohorts of Chilangos believe in gender equality and nowadays the use of mandilón does not imply that the male should be in charge. It only means that the male is not in a situation of equality and the female is imposing her will.

Manuel: ¿Por qué no vino tu carnal?
Rafael: Su vieja lo trae en chinga.
Manuel: Es súper mandilón.

Manuel: How come your brother is not here?
Rafael: His lady is giving him a hard time.
Manuel: He always does whatever she says.

Note: mandilón is often shortened to mandil (mann-DEAL).

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