Sunday, December 14, 2008


A cábula (CAB-boo-lah) is a joke, a big lie or a surreal situation. A person is said to be bien cábula if he or she uses or is involved in cábulas on a regular basis. Cábula can also be used as an adjective for things and events.

Francisco Jesús: Luego luego se ve que tu suegro es bien cábula.
Luis Rodolfo: Nel, es bien seriecito, pero más bien ya trae media estocada.
Francisco Jesús: You can immediately tell that your girlfriend's dad is a joker.
Luis Rodolfo: Nope, he is rather serious, but he already had two glasses of bourbon.

Some websites are full of cábulas while others have serious contents. The problem is figuring out which is what.

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