Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ni pichas, ni cachas, ni dejas batear

Pichar means to pitch. Cachar means to catch. Batear means to bat. This expression means that somebody gets on the way of all people around him or her, not allowing them to do anything (literally that person doesn't pitch, doesn't catch and doesn't let others bat). This expression is also the living proof of baseball's popularity in Mexico.


Ramiro: ¿Ya hablaron con el licenciado Manríquez  para que se repartan las labores para echar a andar el proyecto?
Rogelio: Ese güey ni picha, ni cacha, ni deja batear.

Ramiro: Have you spoken with Mr. Manriquez so that you divide the tasks to get the project started?
Rogelio: That mofo doesn't let us do anything, but he gets nothing done.

Fernando Valenzuela is the best known Mexican MLB player (rookie of the year and Cy Young in the same season), who gave rise to Fernandomanía back in the early 1980s.

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