Monday, June 29, 2009

Taco de ojo

Taco de ojo literally means "eye taco." Quite a few gourmet Chilangos count beef-eye tacos among their favorite delicacies of vernacular cuisine. However, in the expression echar taco de ojo it stands for a delight to the eye of the viewer; a taco for the eye or the equivalent of eye candy. If someone says he or she is echando un taco de ojo, that person means he or she is delighted with the view, which typically involves attractive men or women walking by or hanging around.

Fidel: ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de los restaurantes vegetarianos?
Ernesto: El taco de ojo, camarada.

Fidel: What do you like the most at vegetarian restaurants?
Ernesto: The endless sight of hotties, amigo.

Tacos de ojo are obviously non-vegetarian, but vegetarians can enjoy a taco de ojo looking at handsome meat-eaters at any taquería in DF

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