Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Su peluquita a Kojak

To Kojak his wig

Mi reina, vamos a ponerle su peluquita a Kojak

Darling, let's put Kojak his wig on. (To propose intercourse)

Just make sure not to pronounce the "o" in Kojak in English but rather in plain mexican.

Also useful:

Matar el oso a puñaladas (Stab the bear to death, you know)
Echar calceta (to drop a sock)
Echar patita o echar patrulla (to do a little leg or police car)
Treparse al guayabo (to climb tho guava tree)


  1. I don't understand...anything about this post. Maybe you could explain it a little more for nosotros los pesados...

  2. dveej, there you go.

    I hope to have shed some clarity

    What you mean by: los pesados? let me help you with that.