Thursday, July 2, 2009

Taco de lengua

One of the most delicious dishes in Mexican cuisine is tacos de lengua, or beef togue tacos. The meat is so soft and has such a delicate flavor that it is only steamed and put on a tortilla, topped with jardín (chopped cilantro and diced onion), lime and salsa verde.

The expression de lengua me como un taco literally means "of tongue I shall eat a taco." It is used to express disbelief on someone's claims. It comes from the allusion to ser lengua, or to be a person characterized for saying things that are usually not true. In this context a person that is lengua is also an hablador, a liar.

Luis: ¿A quién crees que vi en Acapulco?
Mario: Me vale madres.
Luis: A Bernie Madoff, el estafador. Estaba esquiando en Puerto Marqués.
Mario: De lengua me como un taco. Pinche hablador.

Luis: Guess who I saw in Acapulco.
Mario: I don't give two shits.
Luis: Bernie Madoff, the scammer. He was waterskiing in Puerto Marques.
Mario: You are not more full of shit because your not taller.

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