Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The term pacheco (pah-CZECH-awe) allows Spanish non-native speakers to grasp the difference between ser and estar. On one hand, estar pacheco means to be stoned. On the other, ser pacheco means to be a stoner, a pothead. Caution: Pacheco is also a common family name.

Also helpful to know:

La pacheca: the act of consuming cannabis.
Pachecada: something a stoner would say or do.

Mensajero: Buenas tardes, ¿es usted Pacheco?
Gutiérrez: No, yo nomás ando pacheco.
Pacheco: Déjate de pachecadas, Gutiérrez. Disculpe joven, yo soy Pacheco. Este cabrón es un pacheco.

Messenger: Good afternoon. Are you Pacheco?
Gutierrez: Nope. I'm just a little stoned.
Pacheco: Stop the stoner non-sense. Sorry, I am Pacheco. This dude is a pothead.

Apparently Gutierrez is a fan of cannabis.

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