Wednesday, February 20, 2008



Effective use of híjole will radically increase your chances of blending in as you deploy a masterful command of folklore in speech.

According to, Híjole! means "Geez!"... a general expression of surprise, annoyance or exasperation.

Though the above definition points somewhat in the right direction, there is more to it.

¡Híjole! can definitely denote surprise, however, not in general, but in the sense that there are going to be worrisome implications. Híjole conveys a tragic realization (reserved to small tragedies).

Pedro: Se te olvidó pasar por tu jefa a la estación (you forgot to pick up your momster at the station).

Brandon: ¡Híjole!

Brandon is surprised, no question about it, but above all, he knows he is fucked.

¡Híjole! has other handy applications:

Landlord: Vengo a cobrar la renta, I´m here to collect
Tenant: ¡Híjole! (It's not happening dude, but I have a good excuse coming up)

also an expression of simpathy

Vicente: Me corrieron de la chamba (They fired me)
Brandon: ¡Híjole!


Yuri: Es que hoy no me bañé (Turns out I didn't shower today)
Brandon: ¡Híjole! (fucking pig!)

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  1. Where did you get the pronunciation?! I grew up in East L.A. in the 40s & 50s and your pronunciation would be considered to be from HeHawland. It SHOULD be pronounced "EE-ho-leh."