Saturday, February 2, 2008


An import from English language, chance (CHANN-zeh) has three meanings: permission, relief and odds.You hear a lot of dame chance in Mexico City. Dar chance (lit. to give chance) means to grant persmission, to indulge or to give a break. Examples:

  1. A teenager to her mom: dame chance, it means "give me permission".
  2. A stranger in the subway: ¿me das chance?, it means "excuse me" (you're on his way).
  3. A person reading the news: ¡dame chaaaaance!, it means "give me a break!" (probably after reading something apalling).
  4. An athlete after losing a competition: les di chance, it means "I let them win".

Another common expression is chance y... followed by an event. The meaning is equal to "chances are..." or "perhaps". For instance, chance y me suben el sueldo, which means "perhaps I get a salary increase".

Note: chance is rather often substituted by champú (CHAMM-poo, lit. shampoo) because of phonetic similarity and nothing more.

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