Thursday, February 7, 2008



A must in modern effective Spanish. While its core meaning is rooted on the notion of penetration, bothering or inflicting pain, subtle variations lead to a wide spectrum of useful meanings.

  1. No me estés chingando la marrana. Get off my back, stop it!, fuck off
  2. Chinga tu madre: Fuck yourself
  3. Chinga tu puta madre: Go fuck your mother
  4. Tu puta madre: on you, I don't take it, you do it
  5. No me chingues: Are you kidding me?, I don't buy it, don't fuck with me
  6. Ya chingué: I made it, I fucking made it
  7. Me los chingué a todos: I prevailed, defeated all of them, I fucked them
  8. Ya me chingaron: I lost, took the worst end, I've been fucked
  9. Está de la chingada: That's terrible, fuck!
  10. ¡Qué chingón!: Freaking awesome!
  11. !Qué chinga!: That's inconvenient, how burdensome, fuck!
  12. Estar chingue y chinge: to insist ceaselessly
  13. Eres un Chingón: You rock, rule, master jedi
  14. Te chingas: You have no way out, you're fucked
  15. Un chingo: a fucking lot
  16. Con una chingada: For the nth time
  17. Hijo de la chingada: a bad person/motherfucker/son of a bitch
  18. Chingoscientos: A gzillion
  19. Chingaderitas: little things, minutia
  20. Tus chingaderas: your things
  21. Esas son chingaderas: that's foul play, fucked up
  22. En casa de la chingada: very far far away
  23. Vete a la chingada: Get lost, fuck you
  24. ¡Ah chingá!: Interjection denoting suprise.
  25. Se chingó la cosa: Things got screwed.
  26. Hecho la chingada: Very, very fast.
  27. Chinga-quedito: Someone who upsets people with a low-intensity high-frequency strategy.
  28. El que se chingó, se chingó: You got screwed and that's that.
  29. Le chingué mil baros al patrón: I stole a hundred bucks from the boss.
  30. ¡Chingada madre!: I've had it.



    ¡Ah chingá!: Interjection denoting suprise.
    Se chingó la cosa: Things got screwed.
    Hecho la chingada: Very, very fast.
    Chinga-quedito: Someone who upsets people with a low-intensity high-frequency strategy.
    El que se chingó, se chingó: You got screwed and that's that.
    Le chingué mil baros al patrón: I stole a hundred bucks from the boss.


    * Checa tu Mail = lit. for check your mail (and fuck-off while you're at it).

    * Chetumal = capital city of the State of Quintana Roo.

    Both phrases are phonetically very similar to the expression that would result from extracting the first two letters of each word in 'Chinga Tu Madre'. In similar fashion, one can use:

    * Gatumá.

    Ya viste que mi nueva laptop es mas chingona que la tuya?
    A= Ah si? Pues checa tu mail culero!

    Dude, my new laptop is better than yours...
    A= In that case, fuck yourself.

  3. Le voy a meter una chinga = "Im'a beat him up"

  4. Uno se chinga desde temprano = I woke up very aearly

  5. A chingarle: Work very hard

  6. A la chingada! = I don't fucking care / fuck off