Thursday, February 7, 2008


|chup-R| lit. to suck

Any visitor to D.F. should be careful using this verb as it can deliver diametrical results depending on the context.

As it is obvious from the literal translation from the English language, it can refer to the act of fellatio or less so to cunnilingus. When in dire need of sexual satisfaction, (loving or not) couples may inquire about the possibility of a chupada -the noun-.

A second, and very common, usage is to indicate a keen willingness to engage in heavy drinking mostly used among friends. For example, one would use
Vámonos a chupar con unas golfas (Let's go drink with some friends).

Make sure you suggest drinks or else risk being caught in an awkward situation or at best being pounded with a double entendre (albur) reply. This use is closely related to the verb mamar (also lit. to suck).

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  1. Example of a lamentable confusion: Lic. Viruta and Dr. Capulina are at a cantina in Mexico City, and a waiter brings a bottle of tequila.

    Lic. Viruta-¿Nos la chupamos Dr. Capulina?
    Dr. Capulina-Pero primero nos tomamos la botella para darnos valor ¿no?